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Report from Kyiv Fashion Fair 2021

On 3-5 February 2021 the Kyiv Fashion fair, the most prestigious event in the clothing and textile industry in Ukraine, took place at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev. This event has the status of "UFI Approved events", which is an event recommended by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Every year, it attracts many entrepreneurs not only from Ukraine, but also from France, Turkey and other European and Asian countries. Add : Klaudia Pucek | 19.02.2021 fair, kyiv fashion, polish national stand, polish fashion, fashion fair, 2021

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The success of Polish companies at IFW Dubai

The tenth edition of International Fashion Week Dubai 2020 has recently concluded. This event attracted the attention of many international representatives of the fashion industry, journalists, experts, distinguished guests, including the members of the royal family and influencers, all the more so because it was one of the first fashion events in the new, pandemic reality. Add : Klaudia Pucek | 19.02.2021 united arab emirates, uae, dubai, polish fashion, fair, industry program

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Polish National Stand at Kyiv Fashion 2021

The Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology is pleased to invite all contractors, including the foreign ones and local media to become familiar with the offer of Polish companies and visit the Polish National Stand at the Kyiv Fashion 2021. Add : Klaudia Pucek | 19.02.2021 fair, kyiv fashion, polish national stand, polish fashion, fashion fair, 2021

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White amber

The colour of amber, meaning what exactly? Honey or cognac colour is usually mentioned. Such amber is encountered the most frequently, but this is only a fraction of the colour range of Baltic amber. Add : Anna Woińska | 05.04.2019 amber, white amber, jewelry, the jewelery industry

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AMBERIF 2019: The Global Amber Fair

The 26th edition of Amberif will go down in history as a festival of jewellery and fashion, contemporary design and masterful jewellery creations, alongside gratifying business and social meetings, interesting lectures and exciting inspirations. Amberif’s appeal is growing with each year! Add : Anna Woińska | 03.04.2019 trade fairs, gdansk, poland, amber, jewelery, fashion, Gdańsk Amber Look Jewelery & Fashion, The Global Amber Fair, International Amber Fair, AMBERMART, 2019, Amberif

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Polish national stand at the CHIC fashion fair in Shanghai - March 2018

One of the world’s most important trade fairs for the fashion industry - CHIC Shanghai - will take place on 14-16 March 2018. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency [PAIH] will organise an information and promotion stand where the Polish fashion sector will be presented. Add : Anna Woińska | 23.03.2018 fairs, CHIC, Polish national stand, POLISH FASHION, fashion fair, Polish fashion sector, information and promotion stand, fashion industry, b2b meetings, press meeting, Polish Investment and Trade Agency paih, 2018, Shanghai, China

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Polish industry promotion programs kick off

"Promotion of Polish economy based on Polish brands - Polish Economy Brand" sub-measure 3.3.2 project dedicated to SMEs has been launched by Polish Investment and Trade Agency. Add : Anna Woińska | 11.12.2017 promotion programs, polish brands, Industry promotion programs, Promotion of Polish economy based on Polish brands, Polish Economy Brand, sub-measure 3.3.2, SME, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, paih, national booths, Ministry of Economic Development, furniture, fashion, jewellery, yachts, boats, cosmetics, medical equipment, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, construction, finishing of buildings materials, machinery, equipment, automotive parts, aerospace parts, export, 2018, 2019, national stands, b2b, online promotional campaigns, promotional materials

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About the program

The program for the promotion of the Polish Fashion industry was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Poland. Add : Klaudia Pucek | 28.12.2020 Promotion program, polish brands, industry promotion programs, paih, Polish investment and trade agency, m promotion, sectoral promotional programs, 2020, 2021, 2022, national stands, fair events, online promotional campaigns, missions of journalists and contractors, promotional materials, Polish enterprises, Polish export, international markets, Polish Economy Brand, MPG

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Calendar of events

The full list of fairs and conferences during which Polish information and promotion stands will be organized, within the Promotion Program for Polish Fashion Industry. Add : Klaudia Pucek | 15.03.2021 Promotion program, polish fashion, fashion, polish designers, fairs, conference, information and promotion stands, 2020, 2021, 2022, kyiv fashion, Kiev, Ukraine, International Fashion Week Dubai, UAE, ISPO, Munich, Germany, panorama fashion fair, berlin, jck las vegas, las vegas, usa, pure london, great britain

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The organization responsible for implementation of the Promotion Program for Polish Fashion Industry is the Consortium of Companies: M Promotion International LLC and M Promotion Agency LLC. Add : Klaudia Pucek | 10.12.2020 promotion program, polish fashion, fashion, polish designers, contact, paih, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, M Promotion, M promotion international

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